Group Classes

Group Guitar Lessons for children and adults available at The Salvation Army in Cradley Heath.

Click HERE to book your FREE TRIAL lesson today. You will be placed in a small, carefully selected suitable group of students of the same ability. At just £9 per lesson, group lessons are fun, suitable for all budgets and highly effective!
There are FOUR separate classes available:

  1. Absolute Beginners – For guitarists who have never played before or are struggling to get started (16 and over)
  2. Kids Only! – A fun class aimed specifically at children from the ages of 8-16, featuring all the techniques and songs to get them started on guitar mastery.
  3. Not a Beginner Anymore! – This is aimed at guitarists who can play a few songs and are comfortable changing between chords and basic strumming.
  4. Ukulele – An introduction to the world of the ukulele. It`s a small instrument with a big sound.

Please fill out the short form here OR contact Dan on 07546 392 468 to book or enquire about your first Group Lesson.


All the benefits of learning guitar without the cost!

Here’s what this means to you:

While many of you enjoy and flourish in the one to one environment of a studio lesson, some of you who live in other parts of the Midlands (and the country) are not able to travel to me easily or prefer a more social setting for learning.

There will be a maximum of 5 in the group so you will get plenty of focus and attention. Together we will all create some great pieces of music which will be inspiring and brilliant for every student.

Group Classes provide all students whether new or experienced with the guitar a unique opportunity and an environment that is fun, hugely beneficial and simply cannot be replicated elsewhere.

7 benefits of group ukulele and guitar lessons are:

  1. Learn in a fun, interactive environment
  2. It is more cost effective (Just £12 per 45 minute session)
  3. Be encouraged by other learners with the same ability as you
  4. The social camaraderie
  5. A central location meaning travelling to your nearest group lesson is easy
  6. Receive and give social support
  7. Find effective peers to emulate

Fees & School Holidays

All classes are payable half termly in advance payable on the first class of each half term. Invoices will be issued at the end of each half term.

Classes are priced at:

  • £9 per 30 minute session for kids

Cash is preferred or cheques made payable to Rockstar Guitar Tuition

We have learned at some point in a small group environment. It`s a fun, exciting and very successful way of learning quickly!

Please fill out the short form here OR contact Dan on 07546 392 468 to book your first Group Lesson.

"Dan is a great teacher. He is really patient, friendly, and cares a lot about making you the best guitarist you can be." Mike

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