Absolute Beginners` Course

The Beginners` Course is the simplest, fastest and most enjoyable way of going from complete newbie to playing REAL guitar in a short space of time. Learn famous riffs from your very first lesson. Learn to strum and play songs.  Learn to play REAL guitar!

Are struggling to get started playing guitar? Do you hate learning from books? Do you worry you will never be able to play the songs you want?

These are understandable concerns. If you want an experienced guitar teacher to help get you or your child playing REAL guitar in a fun, simple and very effective way, check out what the Beginners` Course can do for you. The Course starts off easy and gets progressively harder, so learning is a fun as it can be. You`ll be sure to enjoy yourself while learning an amazing instrument. It doesn`t get better than that!

You will learn:

  • 10 of the most famous guitar riffs of all time – starts off easy and then each one gets slightly harder
  • Learn to strum like a pro with our `3 Step Strumming System`
  • Be able to finger pick and play classical guitar to wow your family and audience
  • Master some of the most popular songs from the history of music
  • Learn the `Aural Association Method` to work out ANY song you want ANY time
  • The secrets of how to practive effectively, efficiently and importantly in a FUN way!


  • Choose songs of your own which Dan will work out and teach you during the course. Even if it`s difficult, he will break it down for you and make it simpler until you can play it just like the original musician.

….as well as much more….

Dan has systematically created a highly effective course using all his experience of teaching beginners and then tweaked the course for maximum impact and to make guitar much simpler, and a hell of a lot more FUN!

Become a REAL guitarist in no time

If you have played for less than 3 months or are struggling, then our Beginners` Course could be perfect for you. Many students waste a lot of time developing bad habits and learning in the wrong way.  That`s why it`s important to get started on the right path at the right time. 

So many people spend valuable money on buying guitars. They try and learn for a month or two, only to find how extremely difficult it can be, and then they give up, leaving the guitar to gather dust.

We all have a passion and love for music and being able to express ourselves musically is a wonderful feeling, and everybody can do it. You just need the right tools to be able to do it. I love teaching and as long as you are committed to learning the guitar and are willing to practice regularly, I`d love to teach you.

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"Dan is a great teacher. He is really patient, friendly, and cares a lot about making you the best guitarist you can be." Mike

`Group Lesssons` – Dan is now revolutionising guitar teaching

The more cost-effective, more fun and more productive way to learn guitar.

Learn with others who are in the same boat as you, have more fun, save more money and make faster progress!

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Learn guitar in a super fun environment!

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