Where can I find a guitar teacher in Halesowen?

Right here, at my studio. Lessons take place at my studio at the Cradley Enterprise Centre, Maypole Fields, Halesowen. B63 2QB.

It`s in a great location close by to Halesowen, Merry Hill, Stourbridge and the surrounding areas.


Can I park nearby?

Yes, there is ample off road parking.


Can I get there via public transport?

Yes, please look at the `getting here` page


How do I book a lesson?

Please call or text me on 07546 392 468 or email me for available times or for more information.


What styles do you teach?

I teach a diverse range of contemporary music from Folk, Fingerpicking, Rock, Pop, Indie, Alternative, and Blues.


Do you enrol beginners?


Believe it not, beginners make up the bulk of most guitars teachers students.

To really help beginners on the road to mastery, I have developed a course aimed specifically at cutting down the time it takes a beginner to learn the basics of guitar.


Am I too old to learn?

No! Not at all. I specialise in teaching those over 40 to play and half of my students are actually retired.

I get results with all my students who are learning later on in life and many have never played an instrument before in their lives.

No one is ever too old to learn.

As long as you are committed, keen and are in decent health you could be knocking on a 100 and still learn to play the guitar. I mean it.

Good health and desire are the key things.


Can`t I just learn on YouTube?

Good question. You are probably here because you have already tried that.

Learning on the internet is hard and it is one-way advice. Plus the advice on basic technique is usually rubbish.

With me, on your very first lesson, you will learn some really important things that will set you up for life with your playing. These things are rarely talked about, either on YouTube or with other teachers.

Most students find the guitar uncomfortable or painful but that is because they are doing it wrong. 

There is little advice on how to play properly (apart from in the classical world of music tuition, but I take these ideas of perfect and precise technique and combine them with you having lots of fun and learning the songs you love on the guitar!


What experience do you have?

16 years playing experience. 6 years teaching experience and 12 years performing experience.

I have taught a huge variety of students from senior citizens looking to fulfil one of their life’s ambitions to youngsters picking up an instrument for the first time.


Will I get better?

Of course! Everybody is more than capable of improving their guitar playing skills. All it takes is a small commitment, a willingness to have fun and try new ideas.

As long as you keep an open mind, practice well, and get the right teaching (this can mean being self-taught as well), you can achieve all your guitar playing ambitions.


What type of lessons do you do?

At the moment, I currently offer one to one tuition and group lessons. Find out more by contacting Dan on 07546 392 468.


What do I need to bring with me?

Unless you are a left-handed guitarist, you don`t need to bring anything.

That`s right, I have a huge array of equipment including 4 electric guitars, an acoustic, multiple amps and a huge range of effects pedals.

All leads, picks, tuners, capos, etc are provided.


Can you visit my home?

No, sorry, I am too busy with students and lessons to travel. If I travel to you that would massively cut down my teaching time available.


Do I need to read music?

No, not at all. If you are following a certain career or course, then you will need to read music, but just to play the instrument and have fun, not at all. Some of the greatest guitarists of all time can`t actually read music. If you do want to learn to read music, I will happily teach you.


What is your blog?

My blog is an easy way for me to update the world on various aspects of teaching with a variety of regular tips and tricks. It specialises in fingerpicking, blues and rock!  If you enjoy fingerstyle guitar then, check it out.


For more information, or to book a lesson please call or text on 07546 392 468 or email me. Thanks.

"Dan is a great teacher. He is really patient, friendly, and cares a lot about making you the best guitarist you can be." Mike

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