There are so many great bands and artists out there that don`t get the recognition they deserve. I`ve been playing the live circuit around the Midlands (UK) with my current band Ribdonor for about a year now and in that time, I`ve seen some fantastic unsigned local bands as well as been introduced to some [...]

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More often than not, the first HUGE obstacle that most beginner students arrive at is being able to change chords fluently. For many novice players the frustration of learning to change chords is so big that often success or failure here decides whether or not they will continue learning guitar or give it up altogether.  [...]


UPDATE: The winner for this competition is Michael Hill. The strings have been sent out. Thanks to everyone for entering! Welcome to our new competition feature. Each month we will be running competitions with prizes ranging from effects pedals, guitar slides, straps, personalized picks, band promotion and much more. In this first instalment of our [...]


A Perfect Circle, as many of you may know are the brilliant brainchild of the exceptional guitarist, Billy Howerdel. Once the guitar tech for Tool, David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails and others, Billy learned a lot from these great artists, and with his passion for unique sounds and textures, such as delay and modulation [...]

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The DigiTech RP1000 is the company`s flagship multi effects processor and has been a huge success with good reason. It’s no surprise why it’s still their number one effects processor. It is my effects processor of choice, and alongside my Marshall 8100 amp, the core of my sound. It may of been around for a [...]


So, you have probably been playing guitar for a little while and now you want some easy guitar songs for beginners . Well, here`s 40 absolutely brilliant songs which are fun to play and most people will know most of them. I have created two lists. The first one is your more obvious, classic rock and punk [...]


Never underestimate how important learning by ear is for a guitarist. Learning songs by ear is simply essential. Once mastered, this skill will help your playing improve in so many ways, you will be surprised just by how good you have become. You`ll be able to learn any song, quickly, saving you a lot of [...]


Welcome to Rockstar Guitar Tuition….

Hello, and a warm welcome to Rockstar Guitar Tuition. This is a new site currently under development. Coming soon will be lessons, videos, articles and a blog about all things guitar. We also offer lessons, online and in person. If you would like a private one to one lesson, there are two ways, either from [...]


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